ceramic ball

Ceramic Ball, Zirconia Oxide Balls, and Silicon Nitride Balls

Swiss Jewel supplies Ceramic Balls with stock diameters from .0157" (0.40mm). Other ceramic ball diameters up to 2.0" (50.8mm) are available upon request with typically good delivery time. We also supply Zirconia Oxide balls and Silicon Nitride Balls.

Typical Applications of Ceramic Balls: Electric Insulation, Spacers, Wear Surfaces.

ceramic ball cross section

ceramic ball cross section
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Model Diameter Diameter (mm) Grade
CB0.40 ceramic ball0.01560.39710
CB0.79 ceramic ball0.0311"0.79010
CB1.58 ceramic ball0.0622"1.58010
CB2.00 ceramic ball0.0787"2.00010
CB2.38 ceramic ball0.0937"2.38010
CB3.18 ceramic ball0.1250"3.17510
CB6.35 ceramic ball0.2500"6.35010