sapphire nozzles

Sapphire Nozzles

Sapphire Nozzles are used where a longer Inner Diameter to Length ratio is desired. Using sapphire nozzles will provide longer life than using metal and we can hold tighter tolerances due to sapphires acceptance of higher surface finish.

Typical Sapphire Nozzle Applications: Gas & Air Flow, Wafer Jet Cutting & Cleaning, Ink Jet Printing.

sapphire nozzles cross-section

sapphire nozzles cross-section
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Model Inside Diameter Length Large O.D. Small O.D. Type
SP-160.0095/.0110".302/.322".089/.090".030/.040"Tapered OD sapphire nozzle
SP-162.0195/.0210".302/.322".051/.052".035/.040"Tapered OD sapphire nozzle
SP-164.0285/.0300".124/.126".049/.051.049/.051"Straight OD sapphire nozzle