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Sapphire Balls & Ruby Balls

Applications include Sapphire or Ruby Ball Lenses, which demand a hard material that can withstand thermal and environmental shock, high wear resistance, and chemical compatibility. We offer a wide range of stock sizes of Sapphire Balls and Ruby Balls with diameters as low as 0.15mm. Sapphire and Ruby Balls have typical tolerances of sphericity 0.625 micron and diameter ±2.5 micron (Grade 25). 

Typical Applications: Fiber Optic Connectors, Flow Meters, rotameters, Bar Code Readers, Wear Applications.

Sapphire/Ruby Ball Cross Section

Sapphire/Ruby Ball Cross Section
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Model Ruby Model Diameter Diameter (mm)
B0.20S sapphire ballB0.20R ruby ball0.0078"0.20
B0.30S sapphire ballB0.30R ruby ball0.0118"0.30
B0.35S sapphire ballB0.35R ruby ball0.0138"0.35
B0.38S sapphire ballB0.38R ruby ball0.0150"0.381
B0.40S sapphire ballB0.40R ruby ball0.0156"0.40
B0.50S sapphire ballB0.50R ruby ball0.0197"0.50
B0.60S sapphire ballB0.60R ruby ball0.0236"0.60
B0.79S sapphire ballB0.79R ruby ball0.0312"0.79248
B1.00S sapphire ballB1.00R ruby ball0.0394"1.00
B1.20S sapphire ballB1.20R ruby ball0.0472"1.20
B1.50S sapphire ballB1.50R ruby ball0.0591"1.50
B1.58S sapphire ballB1.58R ruby ball0.0625"1.5875
B2.00S sapphire ballB2.00R ruby ball0.0787"2.00
B2.38S sapphire ballB2.38R ruby ball0.0937"2.38125
B2.50S sapphire ballB2.50R ruby ball0.0984"2.50
B2.78S sapphire ballB2.78R ruby ball0.1094"2.77876
B3.00S sapphire ballB3.00R ruby ball0.1181"3.000
B3.18S sapphire ballB3.18R ruby ball0.1250"3.175
B3.97S sapphire ballB3.97R ruby ball0.1562"3.9675
B4.00S sapphire ballB4.00R ruby ball0.1575"4.00
B4.76S sapphire ballB4.76R ruby ball0.1875"4.7625
B5.00S sapphire ballB5.00R ruby ball0.1969"5.00
B5.55S sapphire ballB5.55R ruby ball0.2187"5.55498
B6.00S sapphire ballB6.00R ruby ball0.2362"6.00
B6.35S sapphire ballB6.35R ruby ball0.2500"6.35
B7.94S sapphire ballB7.94R ruby ball0.3125"7.9375
B9.53S sapphire ballB9.53R ruby ball0.3750"9.525