Sapphire Tube

Sapphire Tube & Ruby Tubes

Sapphire Tubes are available in a range of sizes and can be held tighter in tolerance than metal. Stock sizes start with ID .015" and can be made up to almost any ID and OD. Sapphire Tubes are excellent choice for feed-through applications due to material strength.

Typical Sapphire Tube Applications: guides, insulators, flow control, spacers

Sapphire Tube Diagram

Sapphire Tube Diagram
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Model Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Length ID Length
SP-34.0319/.0321".0493/.0496".075/.078"Straight Sapphire Tube
SP-40.062/.064".090/.092".195/.205"StraightSapphire Tube
SP-50.014/.016".064/.065".0550/.0590".0374/.0413" Sapphire Tube
SP-55.017/.019".064/.065".0590/.0630".0460/.0500" Sapphire Tube
SP-60.020/.022".064/.065".0700/.0787" .0528/.0567" Sapphire Tube
SP-65.024/.026".064/.065".0760/.0787" .0610/.0650" Sapphire Tube
SP-70.029/.031".064/.065".0800/.0839".0690/.0728" Sapphire Tube
SP-75.038/.040".082/.085".0800/.0827" .067/.070" Sapphire Tube
SP-78.155/.157".175/.177".123/.127"Straight Ruby Tube