sapphire washers

Sapphire Washers

Sapphire Washers can be made with larger outer & inner diameter for larger applications. They serve as excellent insulators due to Sapphire's inertness. And because of the material's compressive strength it will stand up to most conditions.

Typical Applications: Insulator, Guide

sapphire washer cross section

sapphire washer cross section
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Model Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness Type
SP-170.186/.190".625/.630".057/.067"Top surface only polished
SP-175.311/.315".625/.630".057/.067"Top surface only polished
SP-178.750/.760".933/.937".027/.032"OD polished only polished
SP-180.160/.167".154/.156 MinorOD-- .178/.182Major OD .106/.109" No Data