Frequently Asked Questions

Sapphire’s attributes include high mechanical strength, temperature stability, wear resistance, and chemical inertness. As a result, a Sapphire Window will exceed other optical materials in harsh environments, providing a barrier between elements. Sapphire Windows are used commonly in optical and mechanical applications.

What is the smallest size window Swiss Jewel Company can supply?

Our offering includes a wide range of Sapphire Window stock parts as well as sapphire window customization opportunities.

The smallest sapphire window from stock is Circular and has a diameter of 0.037” (0.94mm). We can customize to smaller specs if needed.

Swiss Jewel Circular Sapphire Windows

Swiss Jewel provides an extensive stock list that includes a wide range of diameters and thicknesses. Sapphire Windows have standard S/D 80/50 or better and random orientation.

Rectangle sapphire windows and square sapphire windows are also available from stock or with custom specs.

What tolerances do you typically hold?

Tolerances will depend on the end-product in the application. Here are several product types with tolerances to use as a guideline. 


Diameter +/- 0.0001” (2.5um)/Sphericity: < 0.000025” (0.625um)

Sapphire Windows

Diameter +/-   0.002” typical/Thickness +/- 0.001” Typical/Surface Finish: Scratch/Dig 80/50 or better

Orifice Jewel

Inner Diameter (ID) +/-.0001”

Swiss Jewel has extensive experience in a wide range of applications. The best way to ensure that the tolerances will meet your needs is to contact us and review the product and application.

Do you do smaller run production runs?

Swiss Jewel can handle smaller production runs that range from singles to thousands. Typically, five pieces to 100 pieces will constitute a smaller run. There are no extra fees or charges for this service.

Do you do smaller Research & Development (R & D) runs?

At Swiss Jewel, we understand that providing the “proof of concept” is a critical component to bring a new product to the market. We can work with engineering and production teams to create parts that accommodate specs and tolerances for a project then supply small R&D runs. Depending on the part, this can range from a few pieces up to approximately 100 pieces.

Swiss Jewel has extensive experience consulting with customers on R&D products to develop the right solution. Contact us to review your specifications, drawings, and application.

Can you supply OEM volume production?

Swiss Jewel can supply OEM volume, including finished, in-stock products for “Just-In-Time” (JIT) delivery. The company features a complete product offering with capabilities that range from supplying smaller OEM customers with quantities in the 100’s; to the large OEM with product requirements in the millions.

 Since 1920, Swiss Jewel has kept precision, quality, competitive pricing, and a commitment to on-time delivery, a key philosophy that runs through our breadth of products and services. For any question, application insight, or product need you may have, we are here to help.

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