Sapphire Windows: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Endoscopic windows engineered of highly-durable sapphire to withstand the most demanding medical environments are now available in an extensive range of stock sizes from Swiss Jewel Company, of Philadelphia, PA.

Next to diamond, sapphire offers the highest surface durability (9 mohs) of any optical material, making it ideal for high-performance medical equipment, such as endoscopes, where bio-compatibility and abrasion-resistance are crucial.

Sapphire is also naturally chemically inert and non-thrombogenic, meaning it will not cause blood clots. Plus, its high temperature stability (up to 2,000°C) makes it the best choice for the super-heated steam of autoclaves, as well as even harsher chemical sterilization techniques key to reducing the risk of post-operative infections.

Swiss Jewel Company has mastered the art of precision-engineering Sapphire Windows in smaller scales to suit the medical and endoscopic industry, with a broad range of stock sizes starting at Dia. <1.0mm.

With more than 75 sizes in stock, up to 76.2mm and larger, Swiss Jewel Company has a wide range of high performance. Sapphire Windows ready for same-day delivery, and can produce custom windows to meet virtually any specifications.