Updated stock of Ball Lenses now includes Fused Silica

Ball Lenses of Sapphire, Glass, Fused Silica in stock from Diameter 0.20mm.  Optical finish and low spherical aberration are ideal precision focusing and sensing applications.  Stock materials include Sapphire Lens for harsh environments and chemical stability, BK-7 Lens for fiber collimating, and now Fused Silica Lens for high transmission from UV to NIR (200-2,000nm).


Hemispherical Lenses and AR Coated Ball Lenses are available for easy integration to your instrumentation.   Additional materials, such as Black Glass and Ceramic are also available with quick turnaround.

Applications include Fiber Optic Connectors and Collimators, Flow Meters, Rotameters, Bar Code Readers, Wear Applications.


Request our newest catalog or find our stock windows at https://www.swissjewel.com/products/balls-hemispheres