hemisphere lens

Hemisphere Lens & Drum Lenses

Swiss Jewel supplies hemispheres from materials such as Sapphire , Ruby, Glass, Fused Silica, and Cubic Zirconia which are ideal as Hemispherical Lenses and Spacers. Other sizes and materials are available upon request with typically good delivery time.


Typical Applications: Fiber Optics, LED, Bar Code Readers.  

hemisphere lens cross section

hemisphere lens cross section
Filter By:    Minimum:
Model Diameter Diameter (mm) Thickness
H016 Sapphire Hemispheres.0157"0.40mm.0078"
H020 Sapphire Hemispheres.0196"0.50mm.0098"
H040 Sapphire Hemispheres.03937"1.00mm.0196"
H080 Sapphire Hemispheres.0787"2.00mm.0393"
H100 Sapphire Hemispheres.0984"2.50mm.0492"
H120 Sapphire Hemispheres.1181"3.00mm.0590"
H125 Sapphire Hemispheres.1250"3.175mm.0625"
H155 Sapphire Hemispheres.1575"4.00mm.0787"
H187 Sapphire Hemispheres.1875"4.76mm.0938"
H200 Sapphire Hemispheres.1969"5.00mm.0984"
H240 Sapphire Hemispheres.2362"6.00mm.1181"
H250 Sapphire Hemispheres.2500"6.35mm.1250"