Sapphire Crystal Blades

Sapphire Blades

Sapphire Blades are an excellent choice for various applications. Sapphire’s hardness and excellent surface finish provide a superior surface for precision work. Sapphire blades are commonly used on fiber optics for cutting and scribing. Sapphire is also a non-thrombogenic material for use in surgical applications.

Typical Applications: Fiber Optic Scribes, Tape Cleaners, Surgical Knives

Model Length Width Angle Height Material
SP-98 .580/.605" .086/.100" 6/10 degrees .078/.092" Sapphire
SP-99 .725/.735" .145/.155" 2/5 degrees .028/.032" Sapphire
Sapphire Blade Diagram
Swiss Jewel Sapphire Blades Diagram
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