Sapphire Stylus

Sapphire Stylus

A sapphire stylus is a small pin-point component where the end radius is controlled to as small as .001″. Sapphire’s hardness and ability to accept a good polish provide for a very hard and smooth tip which provide and excellent point of contact, perfect for a stylus.

Typical Applications: Recording Instruments, Accelerometers, Vibration Sensors

Model Outside Diameter Length Radius Type
SP-79 .0195/.0205" .050" .0025/.0030" sapphire stylus
SP-80 .020/.022" .058/.062" .0010/.0015" sapphire stylus
SP-82 .026/.027" .070/.080" .002/.003" sapphire stylus
Sapphire Stylus Diagram
Swiss Jewel Stylus Cross Section
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