Ruby Balls

Precision Balls and Hemisphere Optical Ball Lens and Hemispherical Lens

Sapphire Spheres, Ruby Ball, Glass Balls, Ceramic Balls, and Fused Silica Balls can be made with drilled holes, ground into hemispherical lenses, drum ball lenses and given an AR coating to minimize reflection for optical applications.

Tolerances:  Ball Grades Chart

Precision Balls & Optical Ball Applications: fiber optics, flow meters, rotameters, metrology, bar code readers, check valves (ball and seat), wear surfaces.

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Sapphire Balls

Sapphire Balls are popular choices of material for mechanical & optical applications.

Sapphire Balls

Ruby Balls

Synthetic Ruby Balls are popular choices of material for mechanical & optical applications.

Ruby Balls

Precision Tungsten Carbide Ball in stock for extreme applications

Tungsten Carbide Balls

Glass Ball Bearings

We offer a range of optical and technical glass balls made mostly from Schott and Ohara materials.

Glass Balls

Sapphire Hemispherical Lenses

Swiss Jewel supplies hemispheres which are ideal as Hemispherical Lenses and Spacers.

Sapphire Hemispherical Lenses

Sapphire Hemispherical Lenses

BK-7 Hemispherical Lenses are perfect for light collimation and coupling.

BK-7 Glass Hemispherical Lenses

AR Coated Lenses

To minimize the loss of the light’s performance, ball lenses will be given an AR coating.

AR Coated Ball Lenses

Fused Silica Lens

The Swiss Jewel Company supplies Fused Silica (Quartz) Balls from 0.30 mm to 10.00 mm that are ideal for Fused Silica Lenses.

Fused Silica Balls

Drilled Ball Bearings

We can supply any of our precision balls with drilled holes, which provides an excellent way to mount the ball in an instrument.

Drilled Balls

Ceramic Balls

Swiss Jewel supplies ceramic balls typically used in electric insulation, spaces and wear surfaces.

Ceramic Balls

Black Glass Ball Bearings

Black Glass Balls are typically used in gauges, flowmeters, and rotameters for medical and industrial instrumentation.

Black Glass Balls