Black Glass Ball Bearings

Black Glass Balls

Black Glass Balls are typically used in gauges, flowmeters, and rotameters for medical and industrial instrumentation where precision and weight of the black glass ball are critical.  Black glass balls are mainly made with 2.60 and 3.17 densities depending on your end application. Materials such as Ruby and other colored glass are available for these applications.

Properties of Black Glass

Model Diameter Diameter (mm) Grade Type
BG1.58 0.0625 1.588 25 black glass ball
BG12.70 0.5000" 12.70 25 black glass ball
BG3.18 0.1250" 3.175 25 black glass ball
BG3.97 0.1562" 3.967 25 black glass ball
BG4.76 0.1875" 4.763 25 black glass ball
BG5.55 0.2187" 5.555 25 black glass ball
BG6.35 0.2500" 6.35 25 black glass ball
BG7.94 0.3125" 7.938 25 black glass ball
BG9.53 0.3750" 9.525 25 black glass ball
Black Glass Ball Cross Section
Swiss Jewel Balls Diagram
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