Drilled Ball Bearings

Drilled Balls In Sapphire, Ruby, Ceramic and Fused Silica

We can supply any of our precision drilled balls with drilled holes, which provides an excellent way to mount the drilled ball in an instrument. ID tolerances down to .0008″ drilled entirely through the ball or depth controlled. While we list two sizes, we have many different combinations of drilled balls available for quick delivery in Sapphire, Ruby, Ceramic and Silicon Nitride materials.

Typical Applications: Metrology Measuring Tips, Probe Tips, Master Ball Gauge, Pump Check Valves

Model Diameter Inside Diameter ID Length Grade Type
DRB1.00 .0393" .0197/.0217" .020" 10 blind hole
DRB2.00 .0787" .0393/.0414" .040" 10 blind hole
DRB2.50 .0984" .049/.051" .049" 10 blind hole
DRB3.00 .1181" .059/.061" .060" 10 blind hole
DRB4.00 .1575" .078/.081" .080" 10 blind hole
Drilled Ball Cross Section
Swiss Jewel Drilled Balls Diagram
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