sapphire vee jewel bearing assemblies

Sapphire Vee Jewel Bearing Assemblies

Vee Jewel Assemblies are typically mounted in screws. This style can ease your mounting of the bearing into your final instrument. Vee Jewel Assemblies can be mounted with or without a spring for load applications which also can help with fine tuning assembly into the instrument. Please contact us for pricing, customization and delivery.

Typical Applications: Ohmmeters, Voltmeters, Gauges, and other Indicating Meters, Compass,  Timers and Relays.

sapphire vee jewel bearing assemblies cross section

sapphire vee jewel bearing assemblies cross section
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Model Length Jewel Size Radius Thread Size Setting
VS-20.172"V1.20.003/.004"#2-80 UNS-3A Brass
VS-25.312"V2.00.0031/.0047"#4.00mm x 50thds./inch UNS-3A, spring loaded Brass
VS-26.531"V2.00.0031/.0047"#4.00mm x 50thds./ inch UNS-3A spring loaded Brass
VS-30.175"V1.20.003/.004"#2-80 UNS-3A spring loadedBrass
VS 40.188"V1.25.003/.004"#2-80 UNS-3A Brass
VS-70.156"V1.25.003/.004".100" x 100" thread per inchBrass
VS-80.140"V2.00A.003/.005"#4-90 NS-3A Brass
VS-90.187"V2.00A.003/.005"#4-9O UNS-3A Brass
VS-100.250"V1.25.003/.004"#5-40 UNS-2 Brass
VS-120.344"V1.50.003/.004".1562 OD-80 thread per inchTin Plate Brass
VS 125.750"V2.00Q.008/.012"#10-32 spring loaded Brass