Endstone Assemblies

Sapphire Bearing Assemblies & Endstones

Endstones find wide use as a thrust bearing in combination with a ring jewel which serves as the annular bearing. The endstone may be mounted in the same housing with the ring jewel or mounted separately in an adjusting screw—especially when the end of the pivot extends beyond the radical bearing. Pivot ends in both cases should be highly polished.

Typical Applications: Flow Meters, Gauges, Indicators, Insulators/Spacers, Potentiometers, Gyros, Aircraft Instruments, Watches and Clocks

Model Diameter Thickness Jewel Size Setting
ES-10 .0855/.0905" .014/.015" .050x.010" BRASS
ES-20 .072/.074 Minor - .0855/.0905 - Major .006/.007Minor - .014/.015 Major .050x.010" BRASS
ES-30 .1185/.1205" .025/.026" .055x.018" BRASS
ES-40 1/4 .438" .187x.035" Stainless Steel
Sapphire Bearing Assemblies Cross Section
Swiss Jewel Sapphire Endstone Assemblies Diagram
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