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Sapphire Rods & Ruby Rods

Sapphire Rods are used in a wide range of applications. A sapphire rod can be made with all surfaces polished for optical and wear applications or with all surfaces fine grind (un-polished) to serve as an insulator. Sapphire Rods are available in a range of outer diameter and lengths. OD’s as small as .0175″.

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Typical Applications: Pumps, Light Pipes, Spacers, Insulators, Wear Applications

Model Outside Diameter Length Material
SP-1 .0173/.0177" .095/.105" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-11A .0285/.0288" .285/.295" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-12 .0285/.0288" .432/.442" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-13 .0300/.0310" .365/.385" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-15 .049/.050" .245/.255" Polished/Ruby Rod
SP-16 .0562/.0566" .1528/.1575" Polished/Ruby Rod
SP-18 .0558/.0562" .1528/.1575" Polished/Ruby Rod
SP-19 .0603/.0607" .1528/.1575" Polished/Ruby Rod
SP-20 .060/.061" .153/.161" Unpolished/Ruby Rod
SP-21 .0623/.0625" .350/.360" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-22 .0739/.0743" .1528/.1575" Polished/Ruby Rod
SP-24 .0795/.0805" .995/1.05" Polished/Sapphire Rod
SP-24A .123/.125" .621/.623" Polished/Sapphire Rod
SP-25 .1193/.1207" 2.495/2.505" Polished/Sapphire Rod
SP-26 .1195/.1205" 2.963/2.973" Polished/Sapphire Rods
SP-27 .0622/.0628" .430/.448" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-28 .0610/.0635" .245/.255" Polished/Sapphire Rods
SP-29 .0926/.0934" .745/.755" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-29A .0926/.0934" .895/.905" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-29B .0925/.0935" .375/.380" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-3 .0185/.0188" .141/.151" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
SP-30 .0926/.0934" .494/.508" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-31 .0926/.0934" 1.17/1.33" Unpolished/Sapphire Rods
SP-48 .060/.063" .495/.505" Polished/Sapphire Rods
SP-49 .120/.130" .370/.380" Polished/Sapphire Rods
SP-5 .0235/.0238" .385/.395" Unpolished/Sapphire rod
Sapphire Rod Cross-Section
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