Swiss Jewel Cup Jewels

Cup Jewel Bearings

A cup jewel is generally used with a semi-spherical pivot or in a design that fits a ball bearing between two cup jewels. Cup jewels are widely used for vertical shaft applications.

Typical Applications: Meters, Compasses, Heat Monitors

Model Outside Diameter Thickness Radius Depth Type
C2.31 .0925/.0937" .050/052" .045/.050" .013/.016" Cup Jewel
C2.46D .097/.099" .046/.050" R1 .052/.055" R2 .022/.024" .015/.017" Double Cup JewelCup
C2.54 .098/.102" .047/.053" .037/.039" .024/.028" Cup Jewel
C3.00 .117/.118" .060/.064" .052/.057" .023/.027" Cup Jewel
C3.95 .153/.156" .058/.063" .085/.095" .020/.025" Cup Jewel
Cup Jewel Cross Section
Swiss Jewel Sapphire Cup Jewel Diagram
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